Elephants are wise, one of the few animals to use tools. They are nurturing and have empathy, working together for the benefit of all. And they are matriarchal, with the eldest and presumably wisest leading the pack. In business and in life, they are great examples of perseverance and success.




Carey Richardson is a startup consultant specializing in content development for new and emerging businesses. In this capacity she has crafted multiple business plans, websites, marketing materials, fundraising documents and blogs to introduce new companies to the market. Her expertise spreads across several industries including education, financial services, retail, food service, technology and the non-profit sector.

Overview of Services

Methods and Practices

The audience, the message, and the method for communicating that message all help dictate what the final copy will look like.

I work closely with clients to understand not only what they want to communicate but how and to whom. This discovery process helps to identify the desired tone and intricacy, reducing the number of drafts required to achieve a final product.

Business plans, press releases and all other forms of marketing/communication content are billed by the hour. This price includes any/all discovery conversations and research  required to complete the assignment.